Dating Don't:  Don't take dating advice...

It may sound counterproductive for a website with dating advice to say, "Don't take dating advice," but (with the qualifier stated in the next sentence), it is not counterintuitive for how you should lead your life.  The truth is, you should NOT take any dating advice that doesn't feel right "in your gut."

There was a dating show once where the matchmaking dating "expert" argued with a minister by telling him he should not discuss religion on a first date.  The minister tried to explain to the dating "expert" how large a role religion played in his life and how it would be a deal breaker for him if his date was not religious.  The "expert" stated she didn't care, because it is a RULE: "Don't discuss religion on a first date!"

If a so-called "taboo" topic plays a very large role in your life, how can you not talk about it? 

The date was almost comical.  The poor minister squirmed in his seat with every typical first-date question his date asked:

Minister's Date:  "So, how do you spend your weekends?"

     (He spends time in church; he couldn't answer.)

Minister's Date:  "What is your career?"

     (He's a minister; he couldn't answer.) 

Minister's Date:  "What do you do in the evenings after work?"

     (Bible study; he couldn't answer.)

Dating Do:  Follow your instincts...

The point is, there are exceptions to every rule.  If a "rule" doesn't feel right, don't follow it!  Follow your instincts!!

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