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History of Dating Do's & Don'ts website...

The Dating Don'ts Comic Strip was conceived in 2003 and was based on many years of dating experience and graduate studies of interpersonal relationships.

It received great accolades, including acknowledgement from a very large syndicate, who considered representing the comic, but life got in the way before that pursuit could be finalized.

In 2012, a small website was published for the strip, but again, life got in the way.

Now, in 2015, the Dating Don'ts Comic Strip is part of a larger concept of Dating Do's and Don'ts to offer advice (based on scientifically proven research and experience), great dating ideas for successful and fun dates, and an overall FUN experience with Videos and Webcomic Characters to help you find humor in and laugh at the foibles we all feel in dating.

Dating Do's & Don'ts dating company ( includes the following entities:

Dating Don'ts (
Dating Do's
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Copyright © 2003-2016 by "Dating Don'ts"
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Copyright © 2003-2016 by "Dating Don'ts"
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