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You will truly enjoy watching Walter Wants a Woman.

This award-winning, remarkably funny web series follows awkward Walter Danes as he genuinely, desperately tries to find a girlfriend.  But however hard he tries, he invariably fails in his attempts, committing a multitude of Dating Don'ts.

Walter Wants a Woman was written and created by this multitalented team of three:
Rachel Choy, who directed the series, also took on various production and marketing responsibilities, and played the role of Kim.  Jeremy Garland, director of photography, editing, and design, played a very entertaining, pivotal character in the show (to say his name would require a spoiler alert).  Callum Butcher, who stars as the lovelorn Walter Danes, also lent emotional depth to the series with his uniquely improvised additions. 

This series, made on a dime, holds its own against bigger budgeted productions.  With talented supporting cast members, all aspects of this show are strong.  In season two, the very talented Rebecca McFadzien stars alongside Callum.  Rebecca's humorous deadpan delivery style is a charming addition to the show, making an already wonderful series even more enjoyable.

WATCH the 1-minute-45-second first episode of Season 1, below.  This video is humorously adorable, and the 2nd video posted here of the Season 2 trailer is even funnier! 

Click on the next link to watch the entire season, which lets you see Walter get out and date!  Then, you can watch the Season 2 trailer here (farther below) and follow the link for the episodes.

Watch any or all of Season One's 18 episodes by clicking the link below (each episode lasts from a little over 1 minute to less than 4 minutes):

Walter Wants a Woman, 18 episodes of Season One on YouTube

In season two of Walter Wants a Woman, we learn that, amazingly, Walter has a girlfriend.  Have fun watching the series to see if he can keep her, or, if he continues in his ways and breaks his own record of Dating Don'ts. 

Watch the 2-minute Season 2 video trailer, posted farther below, then click here to watch all 9 episodes of Season 2:

lter Wants a Woman, 9 episodes of Season Two on YouTube

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Now enjoy this other, slightly disturbing, yet very funny Dating Don't found on the web. (Viewer discretion is advised, but a theatre would probably rate it no worse than PG-13.)

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Funny Dating Don'ts from Around the Web
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Enjoy these funny Dating Don'ts found on the web:
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