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How to Survive 5 Years of Marriage

Every year on my anniversary, I joke with my husband that there’s another notch on the wall, as if I’m a prisoner tallying the days of my confinement.  The truth is, though, I wouldn’t have my life any other way.

In the five short years we’ve been married, we’ve survived two kids that are seventeen months apart (and another on the way), buying a house and then renovating it, dealing with in-laws, money issues and more.  Much, much more.

Since we’ve had a lot thrown at us, I thought I’d impart some marital wisdom on the unsuspecting couples that are looking for advice.  Don’t look for a list of “do’s” from MrsMuffinTop, however.  If you’re new to my page: I’m candid, humorous and vulgar!  So, here are the five “Don'ts” for your five first years of marriage!

1.  Don’t Ever, Ever Forget About the Pen...

   (Yes, she is referring to what you think she is referring to...)

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What are your words of wisdom for surviving five years of marriage?

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