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Dating Don'ts Comic Strip
Dating Don'ts Comic Strip
Copyright © 2003-2016 by "Dating Don'ts"
All Rights reserved   E-Mail:
Copyright © 2003-2016 by "Dating Don'ts"
All Rights reserved   E-Mail:
Martha:  Bob called!  Bob called!  He finally called!

Staci:  That's great!  What did he want?
Martha:  I don't know exactly.  He just left me a message saying he wanted to have lunch.  But, what does that mean?!?  Is he asking me out on a date?  I'm too nervous to call him back to find out.

Martha:  What if he meant a "friendly" lunch, and he's not interested in me in a romantic way?
Staci:  Maybe he is interested, but he wants to start out with lunch and take it slow.  Or, maybe he's too cheap to take a girl out on a date!

Martha:  Maybe he's taking pity on me, because he knows that I like him, and "lunch" is his polite way of letting me down gently.
Or, he's so crazy about you that he's not sure he could contain himself in a darkly lit restaurant for dinner.

Martha:  Staci, I think I just want to take some aspirin and go lie down for a while.
Staci:  This was interesting -- one little phone call for lunch and we're talking about Bob all afternoon...  I'm going to call Jered for lunch, so he'll be thinking about me!


Dave:  Were there any messages, Jered?
Jered:  Staci left one for me.

Dave:  What did she want?
Jered:  Lunch.

Jered:  So are the Lakers ahead?
(RING...  RING...)
It's Jered!  He's finally returning my call from when I asked him to lunch!

Jered:  Hello, Staci?  This is Jered.  What are you doing this weekend?
Staci:  (Yes!  He wants it to be a long date, instead of just lunch!)  Nothing...

Jered:  Well, I'm going out of town this weekend to visit an old college buddy.  I hope you have fun, whatever you do.  Well, it was nice talking with you have a good night.
Staci:  (?!?)
When she's not attracted to someone:

Staci:  Oh, I totally agree, but to take it even a step further, I would say Smith is didactic and reflective of today's political climate.
Stan:  (I can't believe it!  I want to marry this girl.  This is the most interesting girl I've ever met!!)

When she's attracted to someone:

Staci:  So, anyway...,  Uhhh...,  Oh, yeah, as I was saying... uhhh..., I don't remember, uhhhh..., (change topic: "babble, babble, babble...")
Keith:  (What on earth is this girl blabbering about?!)
Dave:  Whoa!  She is HOT!

Woman:  What a Creep!  He keeps staring at me.  I'd better keep my eyes on him.
Dave:  She can't take her eyes off me!

Woman:  He's still staring!  I can't believe him!
Dave:  She thinks I'm unbelievable!

Woman:  What does he want from me?!...  He's probably a thief -- I'd better move my purse.
Dave:  She definitely wants me -- she moved her purse to show me her figure!
Office Friend:  Jered seems really interested in you!
Office Date:  I know!  We've gone out several times, and I think he's starting to get serious -- he calls me "Honey" all the time.  He's so sweet!

Jered:  That's the woman from accounting bringing me the files I requested... But, I can't remember her name.

Jered:  Thank you, Honey.

Delivery Woman:  Here's the lunch you ordered, Sir. I put $8.95 on your tab.
Jered:  Thanks, Honey.
Rona:  So, how many guys asked you out this time?
Staci:  Well, there was Ryan...

Rona:  Wasn't Ryan that great looking guy who's independently wealthy and sails around the world every year?
Staci:  Yes, but he had that annoying voice.  And then there was Tom and Ken...

Rona:  Wasn't Tom the cute doctor and Ken the architect who gave you a lovely rose?
Staci:  Yeah, but the both seemed so dull. The guy I'm really interested in is Billy.

Rona:  Wasn't Billy the guy who barely spoke to you.
Staci:  Yes, that's him!  He was so... MYSTERIOUS!!
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