Dating Don'ts Comic Characters who are Single:
Meet the Dating Don'ts Comic Strip Characters
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Martha is an eternal optimist who’s always hoping relationships, that others see as hopeless, will somehow work out, if you just try hard enough. 
Martha lives in a house alone with her cat, near Rona and Staci.
Martha Morgan
"Why do I always fall for guys who don't know I exist?"
Staci is always attracting guys, but never finds who she considers to be Mr. Right.  Staci lives with her cousin, Rona.  Martha is their neighbor.  Staci works with Stan.
Staci Johnson
"How can I fall for any one guy when I have so many choices?"
"Besides, the next guy is always more wonderful than the last!"
Rona is the voice of reason, although she is a bit pessimistic.  Rona lives with her cousin, Staci.  Martha is their neighbor.  Rona works with Keith.
"Why bother falling in love when it's just going to end badly?"
Rona Smith
Jered Mason
"Sure.  I want to fall in love,
Jered is a jock, but not a dumb jock.  Women are falling at his feet, but he never really notices.  Jered is attracted to women, but is simply too focused on his job and sports.  Jered and Dave are roommates.
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Dave / David Lewis
Although his friends and family all call him "Dave," he insists women call him “David.”  He thinks his formal name is "more appealing to the ladies."  Dave will do or say just about anything, if he thinks it will attract women.  Dave and Jered are roommates.
"I love women and want to treat them fairly.  But it's not easy, because they ALL want me."
Stan / Stanley Wilson
"I want to fall in love...
I've tried so hard to find someone, but nothing has worked."
Stan desperately wants a relationship.  So much so that when he sees Dave hit on anything that moves, he decides to emulate him, telling women to call him “Stanley,” among various other wrong moves.  Stan lives across the hall from Dave and Jered, and works with Staci.
Keith Sanders
"Love is great...
for about a week.
Then, the woman
always picks a fight and screws it all up!"
Keith tries and wants a relationship, but makes it hard on himself.  He is defensive and usually takes things negatively, instead of the way they were meant.  Keith lives alone and works with Rona.
Fluffy is Martha’s cat and is not very happy about his name, but he loves Martha and forgives her for it.  He is teased by other cats.
Rex is Dave’s dog.  He is as much of a “hound” as Dave is.
Fluffy Morgan
"I hate my name --
  I'm male, dammit!"
"But, I still get a
  little stray."
Rex Lewis
"Over here,
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Meet the Dating Don'ts Comic Strip Cast of Characters...
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Dating Don'ts Comic Characters who are Married, and their families:
Ben and Emily are very caring and are concerned about the well-being of all people and our planet.  Their marriage is the ultimate perfect marriage, which the single characters admire, but feel is so perfect, it is beyond their abilities to achieve.  The singles feel inadequate in comparison to such extreme perfection.  Ben and Emily have three children:  Sam, Sarah, and Isaac.  Emily is currently pregnant with their fourth child.
Ben Green
Emily Green
Sam is Ben and Emily’s 7-year-old boy.  Sam is just beginning to notice girls, but doesn’t want to admit it, yet.
Sam Green
Sarah Green
Isaac Green
Sarah is Ben and Emily’s 4-year-old girl.  Sarah is very outspoken and sometimes says more than she should.
Isaac is Ben and Emily’s 10-month-old boy.  Isaac crawls his way into lots of trouble, causing problems for the single characters who baby-sit, but he’s never too much for the efficient Ben and Emily to handle.
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"I am very happily married.  I enjoy every minute I spend with my wife and children."
"Married life and family life is a life of true bliss!"
"Girls?!?  I don't like girls!"
"Sam has a secret girlfriend! (Hee-hee-hee)"
"Now you see me, now you don't...  Catch me if you can!"
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